Minneapolis Nordic World Cup Recap

Minneapolis Nordic World Cup Recap

I have a confession to make. I did not grow up cross country skiing. And for the longest time, I am not sure I really understood the appeal. The only reason I skate ski is to get between lifts on my alpine skis to beat the crowds 😎. However, since moving to Vermont and seeing my two children fall in love with the sport, I have slowly been leaning in. Now after the ELECTRIC Nordic World Cup races in Minneapolis, I am a 100% convert.

Gus Schumacher Celebrating his 10K World Cup WIN in Minneapolis

(Gus Schumacher celebrating his BIG WIN)

The Nordic athletes, the community, the fans, the vibe, the experience is unlike anything I've every experienced. The weekend was full of inspiration, laughs, fun, tears, and amazement. I walked away in AWE all of the athletes especially our kick ass American team including 23 year old Gus Schumacher, who became the FIRST AMERICAN MAN TO WIN A NORDIC WORLD CUP DISTANCE RACE IN MORE THAN 40 YEARS. With his huge smile and long flowing locks whipping in the wind as his team members hoisted him in the air, you could feel how beloved and humble this young powerhouse skiier is.  EVERYONE was excited to celebrate Gus, no matter which country or team they belong to. 

And then there is the INCREDIBLE Jessie Diggins, who placed FOURTH in the sprint and THIRD IN THE 10K. Her smile is contagious, her grit is unmatched, and her humble nature make her approachable and the face of US Nordic Skiing. We all proudly wore glitter on our cheeks throughout the weekend to show our love for Jessie's signature style. 💙💫✨

And last but DEFINITELY not least, the sunshine filled, Julia Kern, who was not only a top 20 finisher, but who is also the most lovely human and role model. Julia stayed for more than an hour after her race to ensure every fan got an autograph🥹🇺🇸⛷️💪

(Julia Kern Posing with Friends, Family, and Fans!)

To all of the organizers and volunteers, thank you for everything you did to put on such a flawless weekend.

To all of the friends…new and old… so much fun and so so cool to see Vermont businesses taking over the vendor village 😎.

(Team Birdie, Skida, and Bivo)

And to all of the FANS… the energy, the cheers, the cow bell…the Nordic community is SUCH. A. VIBE. And BirdieBlue is so grateful to be apart of it! There are no words to express the emotions for your support throughout the weekend for the sport, the athletes and the BirdieBlue!

Already counting down to next year 🫶⛷️🇺🇸🙌🔥

xoxo, Kate

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