About our partnerships

Why Partner with BirdieBlue?

We make it EASY to keep old gear out of the garbage: We give your crew an opportunity to sustainably dispose of old, broken, and/or no longer usable ski and snowboard gear in a convenient and transparent way! 

Great sustainability promotion opportunity: Upcycling with BirdieBlue and diverting all of these old clothes from the landfill is a great story of how we are all are working together to protect Mother Earth. BirdieBlue would be happy to share document our production process content to share across your social and email channels. 

Custom Swag: Want to sport a one of a kind Birdie bag? We provide you with the opportunity to design your own bag unique to your brand, fundraising team, community, corporation, and/or team. 

Additional Revenue Stream: If you are open to exploring a co-branded partnership, BirdieBlue will share proceeds from sales of your company’s upcycled bags. It would be an honor to support your programming and mission so do not hesitate to reach out to learn more!

We can’t wait to partner with you. We would love to hear from you.

Partner with Birdie
  • Apparel Impact

    Apparel Impact is a Family and Veteran Owned operated business that focuses on the recovery of textiles and and supporting underserved communities while having a primary mission to reduce waste and improve the environment.

    Any outdoor gear that is collected by Apparel Impact and deemed not donatable is now being repurposed with BirdieBlue. After forming this partnership in 2023, BirdieBlue and Apparel Impact have already diverted hundreds of pounds of clothing waste from landfills!

  • Fab Scrap

    FABSCRAP was created to meet New York City’s commercial textile recycling needs. Materials that traditionally would have gone to landfill are now being properly recycled, upcycled, and made available for reuse.

    Since Birdie’s founding in 2022, Fab Scrap has been a fabric sourcing and recycling partner. Our BirdieBlue team does everything we can to upcycle and use every bit of the our recycled clothing (have you seen our Birdie Webbing Extenders made from old ski and snow pants waist bands!?). However, in the rare times when we just can’t save every scrap or the insulted lining of ski clothes, we visit our Fab Scrap Friends in Brooklyn. Fab Scrap helps us upcycle these scraps into shoddy, which is then used to make insulation for homes. Super Cool! Learn more here!

  • OOSC

    At OOSC Clothing, our drive and passion is to bring fun and colour back to the mountains, in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. All of our outerwear is made from recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. We understand that we need to do our bit to protect our winters and the world for future generations to enjoy as much as we do.

  • Turtle Fur

    Since 1982, Turtle Fur® has been a leading outdoor headwear and accessories brand in the outdoor, snow sports, and lifestyle markets. As a B Corp, Turtle Fur creates sustainable solutions for every body, that feel great, in every element, built for a life lived outside. 

    Turtle Fur has been donating deadstock, misprinted, and mis cut fabrics to BirdieBlue which are now being used as lining for Birdie Bags. Check out the latest collection of Birdie Bags lined in Turtle Fur fabric HERE.

  • Kit Lender

    KIT LENDER is the world’s premier outdoor equipment and apparel rental service. With KIT LENDER’s streamlined four-system you get the right rental gear at the right price, without any of the headache. 

    BirdieBlue loves how Kit Lender lets you look FRESH on the slopes without having to buy new outfits every year. But when you adventure hard, your gear takes a beating! BirdieBlue is now helping Kit Lender give even more life to their rental fleet by turning the gear into bags when its reached the end of its life on the mountain! Check out one of our favorite Birdie styles made from Kit Lender gear!


How to partner with Birdieblue

We can’t wait to partner with you. We would love to hear from you!