BTS: Birdie's First Photoshoot

BTS: Birdie's First Photoshoot

Women walking in a city with a french bulldog laughing and carrying bright colored tote bags

Every wonder what happens behind the scenes at a photoshoot? Well we did too. As someone new to the outdoor gear and apparel industry, I did not quite understand what goes into making magic in front of camera. You do not just pay a professional photog and hope for the best? 

Lucky for Birdie, we did find the BEST in Owl's Iris Photograph. Barbee and her team walked us through everything we needed to produce the best photoshoot possible and blew our expectations out of the water. Here's few deets about what we learned in the process:

Step 1: It's All About Location. We needed to find the right back drop to reflect Birdie's natural habit and to allow us to show how our bags are the perfect adventure accessory whether running to work or to play. We ended up spending a day in Downtown Burlington and a morning in the woods of Stowe, Vermont chasing mountain biking babes around trying to capture the perfect set of shots. 

Photographer photographing women mountain biking in colorful fanny packsPhotographer photographing women wearing bright colored sling bag in a city


Step 2: Shot Lists are KEY. As amazing as Barbee is, she is not a mind reader. Building a shot list together allowed us to be on the same page and share a vision on the type of photos, props needed, and the overall vibe we were targeting for the photoshoot. 

Photographer photographing woman wearing bright colored sling bag in a cityPhotographer photographing woman wearing bright colored sling bag in a city

Step 3: Timing is everything. Set up, prop prep, and choosing the right bags for the right outfits takes time. And as much as we hope to get it right the first time, I definitely learned to book at least an extra hour longer than anticipated to ensure we had enough time to retake photo scenes at least twice. 

Step 4: HAVE FUN. We made sure FUN was front and center on both shoot. It was all about the laughs, being ourselves, and letting joy come through the lens. Having models who weren't afraid to push themselves out of their comfort zone made all of difference and set the best vibe on both our city and country shoots!

Women laughing and drinking beer with bright colored sling bags after a mountain bike ride

Now I can't wait to do it again! 

Thanks for following along on all of our #birdieblueadventures! 




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