Birds of a Feather: BirdieBlue Joins DuckFeet's Makers Market Flock 🐦🦆💙

Birds of a Feather: BirdieBlue Joins DuckFeet's Makers Market Flock 🐦🦆💙

BirdieBlue could not be more excited to announce we are joining Duckfeet's March Maker's Madness Market!

What is the DuckFeet March Madness Market?

Duckfeet set a 2024 mission to be more than than their distinctive shoes to also support more makers and artists. And through their March Madness Maker's Market, Duckfeet is truly walking the walk (pun intended).

This first virtual market launches March 1st at 10am EST and is filled with 19 crowd-sourced Makers and their products including BirdieBlue. Birdie is so honored to be included among this incredible group of small business owners who's skills shine through in their handcrafted products, which are bursting with art, color, and quality with a focus on sustainability. 

Duckfeet is going to spotlight all of us makers during this month long market. Truly to give us all a platform.

They aren't taking any commission.

They are not charging us anything.

There is NO catch.

It’s really just an opportunity for more audiences to be introduced to our small businesses. WHAT? When does that ever happen? Like out of the kindness of their big business heart? Yup. Pretty amazing, right?

So - Why is Duckfeet doing this? 

In their own words, Duckfeet shared: "we want to support these artisans and offer you something truly special. It is important to us that you know, we are not taking a cut of the sales or charging fees for Makers to be a part of this in any way – this is all about celebrating creativity and community."

Wow. It is so refreshing that there are "big guns" that still believe in building community and who understand how business opportunities only collectively grow by building that community. 

How can we support?

Join us for our the virtual Duckfeet Makers Market Pop-Up Shop HERE, where you can meet all of the Makers, shop all of the creations, and dive into all of the inspiring founding stories. Let's make March a month to remember, filled with heartwarming connections and handcrafted goods!

Thank you as always for the support! 


Kate and Team Birdie

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