During BirdieBlue's FIRST trip to Outdoor Retailer in 2023, we had no idea a retro collab would be born. We met Nick and the OOSC team at their booth and instantly knew we shared a love of color, bluebird ski days (with apres built in, obvi), and our gorgeous planet. 

Colorful, retro styled ski suits

We are both sustainably focused outdoor gear companies on a mission to keep our skies blue, our mountains snow capped and our adventure game strong. Each OOSC suit is made from recycled fabrics. They are focused on high levels of quality and inspect every piece of clothing that comes off their production lines. When they find a broken zipper or twisted lining, deeming the suits unwearable, they were previously forced to trash the clothing....that is until they met BirdieBlue. Birdie is now taking all of these discarded ski suits and giving them new life in the form of ONE OF A KIND fanny packs.

Woman smiling with bright colors upcycled fanny packCobranded upcycled fanny pack


See the full transformation from retro ski suit to Birdie Fanny HERE. You can also shop this ONE OF A KIND collection on the OOSC website. Each fanny is ONE of ONE so once they sell they are gone. What do you think? Drop us a note below!

Can't wait to see you rocking these 80s and 90s inspired bags on the slopes.



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