BirdieBlue is a High Five Grant Finalist! Please help us win $10K!

BirdieBlue is a High Five Grant Finalist! Please help us win $10K!

So excited…honored…grateful…in SHOCK… to share that BirdieBlue has been named a FINALIST for the High Five Grant for Moms 🤩😎🫶 and now we need your vote through October 26th!

The HighFive Grant for Mom Entrepreneurs is the World’s longest-running business grant program for mom entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses.

The Grand Prize is a $10,000 grant, which would help BirdieBlue train more Vermont women to join the Birdie team and help support their families as well as create new jobs in our Vermont communities. We would start with training 5 women to cut and sew for BirdieBlue. We will then plan on these women training more potential team members with the goal of ultimately impacting 20 families and ~50 children in our Stowe, Burlington, and Vermont communities. We would also use the grant to invest in tools, sewing machines, and cutting technology to allow BirdieBlue to continue to build our US based manufacturing capabilities and ultimately grow to employ even more Vermonters.
Here is an excerpt from High Five for Moms about BirdieBlue:
BirdieBlue has built huge momentum in its first year, and Kate Harvey is on a mission to protect the environment and bring joy to the ski slopes. Her company keeps old ski and snowboarding gear out of landfills by upcycling it into sustainable, personality-filled fanny packs, zipper pouches, and sling bags. Committed to celebrating what she calls “geriatric millennial joy,” each product is named after iconic 90s pop stars, toys, games, and TV shows.

I would be so grateful if you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to vote for BirdieBlue here.

Voting is now open through October 26, one vote per device.

Your support means so much to us! 💙💙💙
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I’m a huge fan of women run businesses. Especially those who help other women be able to stay home with their children if they want, and contribute to the economy ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Kate runs a great business, and her UPcycling concept is one that is greatly needed! I’m just so darn proud of her, the time and effort she put in, and the details.

Sharon McDonald

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