BirdieBlue Interviewed by Ski Moms Fun

BirdieBlue Interviewed by Ski Moms Fun

BirdieBlue had an absolute blast during my interview with Nicole, one of the co-founders of Ski Moms Fun. 

Instagram live interview showing bright colored fanny pack

Ski Mom Fun members are moms who ski and ride. The group quickly became one of the largest and most active female-centric groups for snowsports on social media. The group is passionate about time spent outdoors. Members share experiences and advice to make family time on snow more fun. At its core, are moms who have first-hand knowledge of resorts across the nation and world. They are a well-traveled and well-educated group who don’t have time for anything but awesome. Sounds like Birdie's people, right? 💙

Intragram live interiew showing ripped up pants that come new bagsinstagram live showing colorful

Birdie's founder, Kate, walked Nicole through the process of how we take old ripped up gear (we love the duck tape look ;-)), save it from landfills to create new personality filled adventure bags. 

Watch the full interview here!

And remember, you can always upcycle your old gear with BirdieBlue.

Learn more about how this process works and how you can get a 15% discount code HERE!

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