Kate Harvey on skis, wearing a sustainable BirdieBlue hip bag

Our Mission

About Us

BirdieBlue is an outdoor adventure brand committed to generating joy and protecting our #birdiebluedays by turning old, discarded ski clothes into personality filled, and sustainably created accessories....and keeping as many clothes out of landfills along the way.

Kate Harvey, founder of BirdieBlue, next to a table of recycled ski clothing that will be turned into bags

Our Story

How it Started

It all started with a ripped pair of beloved ski pants. There was no amount of duck tape that could save these babies. Refusing to toss them in the garbage, Kate’s wheels started turning. Could there be a way to make something NEW from something OLD?

And after three years of product development, sewing partner testing, and refining and perfecting as sustainable and transparent a production process as possible... BirdieBlue was born.

Kate Harvey skiing in Vail as a child

Birdie's Founder

Meet Kate

Daily daydreams of BlueBird conditions and chasing outdoor adventures with Birdie in tow, pushed our founder, Kate Harvey, to trade her corporate lifestyle to build Birdie with hopes of inspiring others to find joy, chase adventures, and join the fight to save Mother Earth.

  • Colorful ski pants icon for BirdieBlue

    Old Clothes

    We keep old clothes and discarded fabrics out of landfills and give them new life...

  • BirdieBlue wrist pouch bag icon

    Become New Bags

    ...by turning them into multifunctional, fun accessories...

  • Hand sewing a bag icon for BirdieBlue

    Handmade in USA

    ...designed and handmade by women...

  • Mother Earth icon for BirdieBlue

    Showing Love to Mother Earth

    ...protecting Bluebird adventures for generations to come.

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Sewing logo patches onto BirdieBlue bags during assembly

Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we stay sustainable....we mean sustainable.

BirdieBlue products are made in the USA. 
Everything is designed, hand cut, and handmade by women. 
Everything from the fabrics to the zippers to the webbing straps to the clips to the hang tags to the labels to the shipping materials is made from upcycled, recycled and/or compostable materials.